Francis Ferraro

Assistant Professor, University of Maryland Baltimore County
ferraro [at] umbc [dot] edu

Publications: Google Scholar
Fall 2018 Teaching: CMSC 473/673, Natural Language Processing
Fall 2018 Teaching: CMSC 871, Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence (Grounded Language Acquisition and Language Learning)
Spring 2018 Teaching: CMSC 678, Introduction to Machine Learning
Fall 2017 Teaching: CMSC 473/673, Natural Language Processing


I'm Francis (Frank) Ferraro, an assistant professor in computer science at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC).

My research is focused on natural language processing, computational event semantics, and unlabeled, structured probabilistic modeling over very large corpora. I've worked on a number of cross-disciplinary basic and applied projects, and have papers in areas such as multimodal (vision-and-language) processing and information extraction, latent-variable syntactic methods and applications, and the induction and evaluation of frames and scripts. I did my Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins University, where I was advised by Benjamin Van Durme. In Summer 2015, I was an intern at Microsoft Research. I've also done some work at the intersection of text and video, learning extended syntactic frames, and identifying and classifying referential language use. I began my research career with biomedical imaging and a little bit of complexity theory.