Shading & Illumination Review


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Table of Contents

Shading & Illumination Review


Graphics Spaces

Graphics Spaces (Cont.)

Graphics Spaces (Cont.)

PPT Slide

Hidden Surface Removal / Rendering

Shading and Illumination

Shading Example:

Introduction to Illumination

Introduction to Local Illumination

Ambient Illumination

Diffuse Illumination

Diffuse Illumination Equation and Geometry

Specular Illumination

Specular Illumination Geometry

Phong’s Specular Illumination

Final Local Illumination Model

Example Illumination

Facetted Shading

Smooth Shading Techniques

Calculate Average Vertex Normal

Gouraud Smooth Shading (1971)

Gouraud Smooth Shading (cont.)

Phong Smooth Shading (1973)

Advantages of Phong Smooth Shading

Advantages of Phong Smooth Shading (cont.)

Author: David S. Ebert


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