CMSC 635: Advanced Computer Graphics

Implementing Phong Specular Illumination

Spring 1999

Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Phong Specular Illumination Formula for Intensity
(from 435 class notes, pg. 8-12)

da=Iaka + Ipkd (N · L )
I=da + (1-da)Ipks (N · H)n

Add specular if N · L > 0 and N · H > 0

Object Color and Illumination

Now we need to add color into this intensity calculation. The diffuse and ambient intensity is multiplied by the color of the object. Specular illumination is affected by the color of the light, not the object in the simple model. (The color of the light actually affects all components.)
	n_l = (N · L)
	if (n_l > =0.0)
	   da = obj_amb[obj] + obj_kd[obj]*n_l
	   da = obj_amb[obj] 
	d_a.r = da*obj_color[obj].r
	d_a.g = da*obj_color[obj].g
	d_a.b = da*obj_color[obj].b
	if (n_l > 0)
	   n_h = pow(MAX(0, (N · H)), obj_specexp[obj])
	   spec.r  = obj_ks[obj]*n_h
	   spec.g  = obj_ks[obj]*n_h
	   spec.b  = obj_ks[obj]*n_h
	final_color.r = MIN(1.0, (d_a.r + (1-d_a.r)*spec.r))
	final_color.g = MIN(1.0, (d_a.g + (1-d_a.g)*spec.g))
	final_color.b = MIN(1.0, (d_a.b + (1-d_a.b)*spec.b))

Faceted Shading:

Examples of illumination types

Ambient Illumination Diffuse plus Ambient Illumination Specular plus Diffuse plus
Ambient Illumination

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