CMSC 635: Advanced Computer Graphics

Viewing Transformations and the Graphics Pipeline

Spring 1999

David S. Ebert
Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

The Computer Graphics Pipeline


The Computer Graphics Pipeline Viewing Process

Example Image Space Viewing Algorithm Steps

  1. Create World Space Scene:
    Position each object (scale, rotate, translate)
    Set up view parameters

  2. Calculate Backface, illumination, etc.
    Can Perform Backface removal here

  3. Calculate and Perform World to Eyespace transformation

  4. Calculate and Perform Perspective Tranformation

  5. Clip Objects

  6. Perspective Divide
    Can Perform Backface removal here

  7. Map to 3D Screen Space
    Viewport Transformation

  8. Perform Hidden Surface Removal

  9. Draw to Screen (Scan Convert)
    Shade, texture

Topics to Review

  1. 3D Perspective Viewing
  2. Backface Removal
  3. 3D Sutherland Hodgman
  4. Basic Illumination
  5. Smooth Shading

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