CMSC 635: Advanced Computer Graphics

Lab 3: Procedural Texturing
Due May 7, 1999.

Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Spring 1999

CMSC 635 Spring 1998 Lab 3


To gain experience in designing procedural textures and implementing basic procedural synthesis routines.


You need to modify your renderer to implement procedural texturing of color, transparency, and normals. The following input command changes are needed:
color_type: 16 procedure_name
normal_type: 16 procedure_name
transparency_type: 16 procedure_name
frame_num: frame


Additionally, choose any of the following to add up to 100% or more.

Note: Credit will be based on how good of a job you do for each task (does this look real?)

David S. Ebert
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