CMSC 635: Advanced Computer Graphics

Lab Procedures

Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Spring 1999

  1. Equipment:

    SGI Indigo workstations located in ECS labs.

  2. Programming environments:

    C, C++ using X11 under Unix.

  3. Submitting for Grading:

    The labs will be submitted electronically in the following manner:

  4. Grading Criteria:

    Grades will be based upon the following:
    • Correctness: correct output. Most important criterion.
    • Robustness: correct behavior in extreme or unusual cases, incorrect input by the user, etc.
    • Thoroughness: Adherence to assignment specifications.
    • Readability: of the source code. This will primarily be used for assigning partial credit.

  5. Late penalty:

    Labs can be handed in late, but 10% of the lab grade will be deducted for each calendar day that it is late (Saturday and Sunday excluded), to a total of 50%. No lab may be handed in after 5 days past the due date.

  6. Other issues:

    Group discussion of lab requirements, etc. is encouraged.
    However, each person must do his/her own work. Sharing files, copying other people's programs, and group programming will not be acceptable. This will be considered academic misconduct.

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