Realistic and Unrealistic Techniques for Computer Graphics and Visualization


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Table of Contents

Realistic and Unrealistic Techniques for Computer Graphics and Visualization

Talk Outline

Computer Graphics & Visualization Goals & Strategy



Perceptive Senses Available -HIDDEN

Our Glyph-based Visualization System: SFA

Data Visualization with SFA

Minimally-Immersive User Interface - Fishtank VR

Two-Handed Minimal Immersion

Interactive Lens Visualization Techniques (Ebert and Shaw)

Interactive Lens Visualization Techniques - More Examples

Information Visualization


SFA Summary

Photorealistic Visualization

Realistic Visualization Examples

Volume Illustration: Non Photorealistic Volume Rendering (Ebert & Rheingans)

Medical Illustration

Example Medical Illustration

Volume Illustration

Illustration vs. Volume Rendering

Volume Illustration Approach

Traditional Volume Rendering

Volume Illustration Pipeline

Toolbox of Techniques

Features -Hidden

Boundary Enhancement

Boundary Enhancement - HIDDEN

Ordinary Gas Boundary Rendering Enhanced

Silhouette Enhancement

Silhouette Enhancement - HIDDEN

Silhouette Enhancement

Illuminated Gas Silhouette and Boundary Enhancement

Illuminated Gas Boundary and Silhouette Enhancement

Volumetric Sketch Lines

Volumetric Sketch Examples

Intensity/Color Depth-Cuing

Color Distance Blending

Oriented Fading

Oriented Fading, Distance Color Blending, Boundary Enhancement

Feature Halos

Feature Halos - Hidden

Features Halos Without With

Tone Shading

Tone Shading -HIDDEN

Illuminated Gas Tone Shaded

Illuminated Gas Multiple Enhancement

Illuminated Gas Tone Shading, Boundary Enhancement

Utility of Volume Illustration

Procedural Techniques for Graphics and Visualization

Procedural Visualization of Gigabyte Data Sets

Accuracy of Medical Volume Visualization

Procedural Techniques for Computer Graphics

More Computer Animation Class Results

Simulation of Natural Phenomena

3D Displays

Cross-Beam Display

Volumetric Display Software Architectures

My Future Research Directions

My Future Research Directions





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