Software Engineering Bibliography and Interesting Pointers

Last Updated: October 31, 1995

Note that this is very much a work in progress. Please send me e-mail if there are items that should be included in this bibliography.

  1. Software Engineering Newsgroup -- current articles
  2. Software Engineering Newsgroup -- Archives
  3. IEEE Technical Council on Software Engineering
  4. Software Repositories
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  16. SEL Home Page
  17. software-eng index
  18. CASE tool index
  19. Information on the Software Engineering Research Center (SERC)
  20. REUSE -- ARPA STARS Program
  21. WWW Virtual Library - Software Engineering
  22. REUSE -- Software Reengineering Web Home Page
  23. REUSE -- RBSE Program
  24. REUSE -- OSG - CUI Object Systems Group - Research
  25. Object Oriented Designer
  26. Leverage Technologists Home Page
  27. Remote file
  28. Software Engineering Archives
  29. The Annual Workshops on Software Reuse
  30. A Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies in BibTeX Format
  31. HPCC National Software Exchange (NSE)
  32. REDO project archive
  33. GSFC Library Front door
  34. Software Engineering Institute Information Server
  35. Software Engineering Programs

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