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About Me

I joined the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering department at UMBC as an assistant professor in autumn of 2014, after obtaining my Ph.D. at the University of Washington in Seattle.


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My primary research interests are in robotics and natural language processing; in my work, I combine these interests to support research in human-robot interaction, or HRI. My work focuses on the problem of grounded language acquisition: extracting semantically meaningful representations of human language by mapping those representations to the noisy, unpredictable physical world in which robots operate.

More specifically, I work on combining probabilistic, grammar-based natural language processing with machine learning to transform human communication into a formal language that a robot can understand. I have looked at using this kind of language learning to learn how to follow navigation instructions or learn more about the world from human users by learning to extend a world model in tandem with learning a language parsing model.

More Visual?

This is a word cloud created automatically from all my paper abstracts:


In Autumn 2015, I am teaching Intro to Robotics. Graduate students in CMSC, CMPE, and Mech E are particularly encouraged to join us.