Q: Are you the Richard Chang who ...?

No, that's probably some other Richard Chang. Though well-ranked on Google, I am just one of many many Richard Changs. (I was the first hit on September 20, 2007. That Richard Chang Associates guy and I go back and forth.)

I have a list of several other Richard Changs. (The latest web thing is to call these my Googlegängers.)

It turns out that Chang is the most common last name in the world (about 100 million or so), at least according to this Ask Yahoo article (which references a no longer existing page by Merriam-Webster). Okay, it is really the Chinese last name "Chang" (or "Zhang" in pinyin) that is the most common, rather than the English spelling "Chang". In fact there are (at least) two Chinese last names "Chang" that are pronounced the same in Mandarin. There is "bow" (弓) + "long" (長) = "chang" (張) and also "stand" (立) +"early" (早) = "chang" (章). I don't know if they are double counting. Of these two, "bow-long" (張) is much more common. I've never met one of the "stand-early" (章) Changs but people always ask which one you are. [I just noticed in the credits of House of Flying Daggers that famous actress Ziyi Zhang is a "stand-early" (章) Zhang. But, hey I haven't met her either. Oh, view this page using UTF-8, if you are having trouble with the Chinese characters.]

In any case, let's just say that "Chang" is unusually common.

According to other sources, "Richard" is the seventh most common male first name in the United States. Put that together with "Chang", there are lots of Richard Chang's out there. (Okay, okay, by that logic Mohammed Chang would be the most common name in the world, but you know what I mean.)

So, I'm the Richard Chang who does computational complexity theory at UMBC, who went to Cornell University for his PhD, got his BS at Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York ("let's go tech!") and was at Glastonbury High School in Connecticut. Before that I went to the Dominican School in Taipei, Taiwan and the Monti Parioli English School in Rome, Italy (which apparently went bankrupt in 2002 [ PDF, link, translation anyone?]). I also attended the Istituto "San Leone Magno" dei Fratelli Maristi in Rome, but that was before my name was Richard.

You can also do a Google image search for "Richard Chang" and see if you recognize the mug shots of any of those Richard Chang's.

Anyway, that should be enough information for you to determine if I'm the Richard Chang you are looking for. BTW, I have no middle name.

Update: As of June 4, 2009, there are 349 Richard Chang's on Linked In. This is counting all Richard's, Rich's, Rick's and Dick's.

Here are some other (lower Google-ranked? better looking?) Richard Changs:

Richard K. Chang is the Henry Ford II Professor of Applied Physics at Yale University. He received his Ph.D. from Harvard University in 1965. [O.K. that was before I was born.]

Richard P. Chang who owns the richardchang.com domain name.

richardchang.org inexplicably links to a web site for the Rajan Group, PLC.

The Richard Chang at Richard Chang Associates, Inc. "a leading authority on organizational and personal excellence" and "a sought after speaker for organizations and associations around the world". Wow!

The "versatile actor, comedian, dancer and writer" Richard Chang who has appeared in Ruth Wolf's modern classic, Empress of China, and owns the richardchang.net domain name. I think this is him on IMDB: Richard Chang (II)

Richard Chang, President and CEO of Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (Shanghai). According to a Business Week article, he's the one you want if you're looking for someone with lots of money.
Update: This Richard Chang was named Semiconductor International's 2007 Person of the Year according to this Reuters article.

Retired Episcopal Bishop Richard S. O. Chang of Hawaii

According to the Los Angeles Chapter of the Asian American Journalists Association, Richard Chang is an arts and entertainment reporter for The Orange County Register. He has also worked as an entertainment/pop culture reporter for The Bakersfield Californian and an arts and culture reporter for The Santa Fe New Mexican. He graduated from Brown University with honors in English and American literature and received a master's degree in journalism from UC Berkeley.

Richard Martin Chang was a graduate student in the University of Massachusetts Computer Science Department. He once TA'ed a computation theory course for Arnold Rosenberg and gave a talk in a theory seminar. So we could write a paper together and fight over who gets to be the first author!

Richard was in town October 2005 and dropped by my office to say "hi" (I'm the one on the left):

Richard S. Chang who writes for AutoWeek (see article), blogs for the New York Times about cars and teaches people how to drift rwd and fwd cars. Boy, wish I could drive like that!

Oh, can anyone confirm that is actually his picture? I grabbed it off the Fumes column he used to write for UrbanRacer.com. Otherwise, when you Google "Richard S. Chang" you get a lot of pictures of cars, nice cars.

Richard Chang in England who, in 2004, jumped to his death after being grilled by investigators hired by his employer Abbey National Bank. See article in The Guardian and web site set up by his family.

Want to add any other Richard Chang's to this list? Drop me a line.

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