UMBC CMSC 651, Automata Theory & Formal Languages, Spring 2003, Section 0101

Course Syllabus (Revised)

The following schedule is a rough outline of the material to be covered during the semester. The chapters indicated are from Introduction to the Theory of Computation, by Michael Sipser.

Note: Due to the blizzard, the syllabus has been revised. The original syllabus is still available.

Course Content

I. Automata and Languages: 3.5 weeks, Chapters 0-2.
II. Turing Machines and Computability: 5 weeks, Chapters 3-6.
III. Complexity Theory: 4 weeks, Chapters 7-10.

Homework & Test Schedule

HW1assigned 01/30due 02/06
HW2assigned 02/06due 02/13
HW3assigned 02/13due 02/27
HW4assigned 02/27due 03/06
Test 1in class 03/13
HW5assigned 03/13due 03/20
HW6assigned 03/20due 04/03
HW7assigned 04/03due 04/10
HW8assigned 04/10due 04/17
Test 2in class 04/24
HW9assigned 04/24due 05/01
HW10assigned 05/01due 05/08
Final Exam May 15, 3:30pm - 5:30pm, SS206.

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