CMSC 641 Design & Analysis of Algorithms, Spring 2015

Course Syllabus (Original)

This is the original syllabus. Use the current, updated syllabus.

We will follow the textbook Introduction to Algorithms, third edition, by Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest and Stein. The following schedule outlines the material to be covered during the semester and specifies the corresponding sections of the textbook. Selected topics not in the textbook will require reading from handouts.

Date Topic Reading Assign Due
Tue 01/27Review: Greedy Algorithms16.1–16.4    
Thu 01/29Review: Dynamic Programming15.1–15.5HW1  
Tue 02/03Amortized Analysis17.1–17.4    
Thu 02/05Disjoint Set Union21.1–21.4HW2HW1
Tue 02/10Disjoint Set Union      
Thu 02/12Fibonacci Heaps19.1–19.4HW3HW2
Tue 02/17Fibonacci Heaps, Test 1      
Thu 02/19Maximum Flow26.1–26.3HW4HW3
Tue 02/24Maximum Flow      
Thu 02/26Maximum Flow   HW5HW4
Tue 03/03Maximum Flow, Test 2      
Thu 03/05NP-completeness34.1–34.5HW6HW5
Tue 03/10NP-completeness      
Thu 03/12NP-completeness     HW6
Tue 03/17Spring Break
Thu 03/19Spring Break
Tue 03/24Approximation Algorithms35.1–35.5    
Thu 03/26Approximation Algorithms   HW7  
Tue 03/31Approximation Algorithms      
Thu 04/02Approximation Algorithms   HW8HW7
Tue 04/07Randomized Algorithmstba    
Thu 04/09Randomized Algorithms   HW9HW8
Tue 04/14Test 3      
Thu 04/16Linear Programming29.1–29.3HW10HW9
Tue 04/21Linear Programming      
Thu 04/23Linear Programming   HW11HW10
Tue 04/28Test 4      
Thu 04/30Parallel Merge SorthandoutHW12HW11
Tue 05/05Computational Geometry33.1–33.2    
Thu 05/07Computational Geometry33.3–33.4   HW12
Tue 05/12Review      
Tue 05/19Final Exam 1pm–3pm

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