UMBC CMSC441, Design & Analysis of Algorithms, Fall 1999, Section 0101

Course Syllabus

NOTE: This is the original syllabus. It has been superseded by a revised syllabus.
We will follow the textbook Introduction to Algorithms, by Cormen, Leiserson and Rivest. The following schedule outlines the material to be covered during the semester and specifies the correpsonding section of the textbook.

Date Topic Reading Due
Th 09/02Asymptotic Notation1.1-2.2
Tu 09/07Summations3.1-3.2
Th 09/09Recurrences4.1-4.2HW1
Tu 09/14Master Theorem4.3-4.4
Th 09/16Heap Sort7.1-7.5HW2
Tu 09/21Quicksort8.1-8.4 
Th 09/23Lower Bounds on Sorting9.1-9.4HW3
Tu 09/28Linear-Time Selection10.1-10.3 
Th 09/30Divide & Conquer vs Randomization HW4
Tu 10/05Review, Project Assigned  
Th 10/07Exam 1  
Tu 10/12Red-Black Trees14.1-14.4 
Th 10/14Hashing12.1-12.4HW5
Tu 10/19Greedy Algorithms17.1-17.3 
Th 10/21Dynamic Programming16.1-16.4HW6
Tu 10/26Local vs Global Optimization  
Th 10/28Dynamic Programming HW7
Tu 11/02Dynamic Programming  
Th 11/04Review HW8
Tu 11/09Exam 2  
Th 11/11Graph Search23.1-23.3Project
Tu 11/16Topological Sort23.4 
Th 11/18Connected Components23.5HW9
Tu 11/23Minimum Spanning Tree24.1-24.2 
Th 11/25Thanksgiving  
Tu 11/30MST & Disjoint Sets22.1-22.3 
Th 12/02Shortest Paths25.1-26.2HW10
Tu 12/07Advanced Topic TBA  
Th 12/09Advanced Topic TBA HW11
Tu 12/14Advanced Topic TBA  

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