UMBC CMSC441, Design & Analysis of Algorithms, Fall 2014

Course Syllabus

We will follow the textbook Introduction to Algorithms, third edition, by Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest and Stein. The following schedule outlines the material to be covered during the semester and specifies the corresponding sections of the textbook.

Date Topic Quizzes Reading Assign Due
Thu 08/28Introduction, Proof by Induction 1.1-3.2HW1  
Tue 09/02Summations   A.1-A.2    
Thu 09/04Recurrences   4.1-4.2HW2HW1
Tue 09/09Master Theorem   4.3-4.4    
Thu 09/11Heapsort   6.1-6.5HW3HW2
Tue 09/16QuicksortQuiz 17.1-7.4    
Thu 09/18Lower bounds on Sorting   8.1-8.4HW4HW3
Tue 09/23Linear-Time Selection   9.1-9.3    
Thu 09/25Dynamic Programming I   15.1-15.3HW5HW4
Tue 09/30Dynamic Programming IIQuiz 215.4-15.5    
Thu 10/02Greedy Algorithms I   16.1-16.2HW6HW5
Tue 10/07Greedy Algorithms II   16.3    
Thu 10/09Dynamic Programming vs Greedy     HW7HW6
Tue 10/14Dynamic Programming vs GreedyQuiz 3      
Thu 10/16Basic Graph Algorithms I   22.1-22.2HW8HW7
Tue 10/21Basic Graph Algorithms II   22.3-22.5    
Thu 10/23Minimum Spanning Trees   23.1-23.2HW9HW8
Tue 10/28Disjoint Set UnionQuiz 421.1-21.3    
Thu 10/30Shortest Paths I   24.1-24.3HW10HW9
Tue 11/04Shortest Paths II   24.4-24.5    
Thu 11/06Shortest Paths III   25.1-25.3HW11HW10
Tue 11/11Maximum Flow IQuiz 526.1-26.3    
Thu 11/13Maximum Flow II     HW12HW11
Tue 11/18Hash Tables   11.1-11.5    
Thu 11/20TBA     HW13HW12
Tue 11/25TBA        
Thu 11/27Thanksgiving break
Tue 12/02NP-completenessQuiz 634.1-34.5    
Thu 12/04NP-completeness       HW13
Tue 12/09Review        
Tue 12/16Final Exam 1pm – 3pm

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