UMBC CMSC 313, Computer Organization & Assembly Language, Spring 2002, Section 0101

DigSim Assignment 1: Getting Started

Also available in PDF.

Due: Thursday April 11, 2002


The objective of this assignment is to make sure that everyone has access to DigSim and, most importantly, can save DigSim circuits for submission.


Using DigSim, wire up the following circuit diagram, play with the switches, create a text box with your name and the answer to the question. Finally, save the circuit diagram.

Turning in your program

The file which has your circuit diagram should be a plain text file that starts with something like: # Digsim file version 1 0 describe component TwoXorPort pos 32 12

Use a text editor to look at the file and make sure that the file is not empty and has some data similar to the above. Next, use DigSim to load the file and make sure that this still works. If all is well, submit the circuit file using the Unix submit command as in previous assignments. The submission name for this assignment is: digsim1.

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