CMSC313, Computer Organization & Assembly Language Programming, Fall 2012

Course Syllabus

Updated: 12/04/12

Each topic below is a link to a web page that contains an expanded topics list for the lecture that day and source code for any programs shown during lecture. The page for each lecture will be updated after the actual lecture is given.

The page for each lecture has a link to the slides used in that lecture (if any). A preview of the slides is available for some lectures. However, last minute changes and schedule slippage might result in different slides being presented. The actual slides presented from lectures that have past are labeled "actual". The source code for programs shown during each lecture will also be posted on that lecture's page.

Date Topic CO&A Reading ALSbS Reading Assign Due
Thu 08/30 Introduction, Data Representation I 1.1-1.8   HW1  
Tue 09/04 Data Representation II 2.1-2.4, 2.6      
Thu 09/06 i386 Assembly Language I 4.14 Ch 3-4 HW2 HW1
Tue 09/11 i386 Assembly Language II   Ch 5-6    
Thu 09/13 i386 Assembly Language III   Ch 7-8 Proj1 HW2
Tue 09/18 i386 Assembly Language IV   Ch 9    
Thu 09/20 Subroutines     Proj2 Proj1
Tue 09/25 A Bigger Example        
Thu 09/27 Interrupts + Compiling, Assembling & Linking 7.4 Ch 10 Proj3 Proj2
Tue 10/02 C Programming I        
Thu 10/04 C Programming II     Proj4 Proj3
Tue 10/09 C Programming III        
Thu 10/11 C Programming IV     Proj5 Proj4
Tue 10/16 C Programming V        
Thu 10/18 C Programming VI       Proj5
Tue 10/23 Midterm Exam
Thu 10/25 C & Assembly Language   Ch 12 Proj6  
Tue 10/30 Hurricane Sandy        
Thu 11/01 Function Pointers     Proj7 Proj6
Tue 11/06 Polymorphism in C        
Thu 11/08 Introduction to Digital Logic 3.1-3.3   Proj8 Proj7
Tue 11/13 Transistors & Logic Gates        
Thu 11/15 Circuits for Addition 3.4-3.5   HW3 Proj8
Tue 11/20 Flip Flops 3.6      
Thu 11/22 Thanksgiving break
Tue 11/27 Finite State Machines I     HW4 HW3
Thu 11/29 Finite State Machines II        
Tue 12/04 Cache & Virtual Memory I 6.1-6.4   HW5 HW4
Thu 12/06 Cache & Virtual Memory II 6.5      
Tue 12/11 Review       HW5
Thu 12/13 Section 02* Final Exam, 1pm - 3pm     (*meets TuTh 2:30-3:45pm)
Tue 12/18 Section 01* Final Exam, 1pm - 3pm     (*meets TuTh 1-2:15pm)

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