Spring 2016 UMBC CMSC202 Computer Science II Section 01


The following table outlines the lecture topics to be covered during the semester. Listed with the lectures are the assigned reading from the textbook. The section numbers can be used for either the fifth edition or sixth edition of Absolute C++.

This syllabus is a plan. It may be revised as the semester progresses.

Date Topic Textbook Section
Tue 01/26Class canceled #Snowzilla 
Thu 01/28Introduction1.1-1.5
Tue 02/02Python vs C++2.1-2.4
Thu 02/04Python vs C++3.1-3.3, 4.1
Tue 02/09Pointers, Arrays & References5.1-5.4
Thu 02/11Pointers, Arrays & References6
Tue 02/16Class canceled, delayed opening 
Thu 02/18Objects & Classes4.2
Tue 02/23Objects & Classes7.1-7.3
Thu 02/25Midterm Exam I
Tue 03/01Objects & Classes 
Thu 03/03Operator Overloading8
Tue 03/08Dynamic Memory Allocation10.1-10.3
Thu 03/10Constructors & Destructors 
Tue 03/15Spring Break
Thu 03/17Spring Break
Tue 03/22Example: 2D Arrays 
Thu 03/24Inheritance14.1-14.2
Tue 03/29Inheritance 
Thu 03/31Polymorphism15.1-15.2
Tue 04/05Polymorphism 
Thu 04/07Midterm Exam II
Tue 04/12Inheritance Example: GTKmm 
Thu 04/14Templates16.1-16.3
Tue 04/19Templates 
Thu 04/21Exceptions18.1
Tue 04/26Project 5 discussion 
Thu 04/28Mini-Topics12.1-12.3
Tue 05/03Recursion & Sorting 
Thu 05/05Standard Template Library19.1-19.3
Tue 05/10Review 
Tue 05/17Final Exam 10:30am - 12:30pm

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