Spring 2016 UMBC CMSC202 Computer Science II Section 01

Computer Science "Gateway"

All computer science majors and pre-computer science majors are required by the Gateway to earn a grade of at least "B" in CMSC 201 and CMSC 202 in order to continue in the computer science major. If you are a computer science major and you received a grade of "C" or lower in CMSC 201, then you must retake CMSC 201 prior to completing CMSC 202. This is because the Registrar's Office considers (correctly) CMSC 201 and CMSC 202 as a sequence and will not allow you to retake CMSC 201 after you have completed CMSC 202.

From the Academic Requirements and Regulations section of the Undergraduate Catalog, under "Repeating Courses":

... students may not repeat a course for a higher grade once they have completed any subsequent course of a higher level in an academic sequence (for example, students may not retake FREN 101 after successfully completing FREN 102).

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