UMBC CMSC202, Computer Science II, Fall 1998, Sections 0101, 0102, 0103, 0104

Course Syllabus

The following schedule outlines the material to be covered in the semester and the assigned reading for each lecture. Chapters under "Reading" refer to C++ with Object-Oriented Programming  by Paul S. Wang. In addition, there will be assigned readings from material which will be distributed via the course web pages.

Th09/03Classes & Objects in C++2.1-2.4
Tu09/08Introduction to OOP2.5-2.9
Th09/10Overloading Functions3.1-3.5
Tu09/15C++ Declarations & Definitions3.6-3.9
Th09/17new & delete3.10-3.14
Tu09/22Pointers & Arrays4.1-4.5
Th09/24Void Pointers4.6-4.13
Tu09/29Constructors & Destructors5.1-5.7
Th10/01Generic Lists5.8-5.13
Tu10/06Exam 1 
Tu10/13Recursion, againnotes
Th10/15Sorting Revisited: Merge Sortnotes
Tu10/20Big-Oh Notationnotes
Tu10/27I/O Stream Library6.6-6.7
Th10/29Class Derivation7.1-7.4
Tu11/03Class Inheritance7.5-7.8
Th11/05Exam 2 
Tu11/10Assigning & Copying7.9-7.15
Th11/12Operator Overloading8.1-8.4
Tu11/17Smart Pointers8.5-8.13
Th11/19Virtual Functions9.1-9.9
Tu12/01More on Templates10.4-10.9
Th12/03Trees & Tree Traversalnotes
Tu12/08Binary Search Treesnotes
Th12/10Object-Oriented Design11.1-11.7
Th12/17Final Exam, 1pm-3pm, LH5 

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