Fall 2015 UMBC CMSC202 Computer Science II, Section 6


Your grade for this course will be based on 5 programming projects, 2 midterm exams, the final exam and on grades from the discussion sections (see below). The weighting of these scores are:

Discussion: 1 point x 10 = 10 points
Projects: 8 points x 5 = 40 points
Midterm Exams: 15 points x 2 = 30 points
Final Exam: 20 points x 1 = 20 points

Your final letter grade is based on the standard formula:

0 ≤ F < 60,   60 ≤ D < 70,   70 ≤ C < 80,   80 ≤ B < 90,   90 ≤ A ≤ 100.
Your grade might be curved upward, but under no circumstance will your grade be curved downward. Your grade is given for timely work done during the semester; incomplete grades will only be given for medical illness or other such dire circumstances.

Discussion Section Grades

Attendance and participation in the discussion section is required. After each meeting, each student will be assigned a grade by the teaching assistant. This grade will be on a 10-point scale reflecting the student's attendance, participation in the discussion and completion of the lab exercise:

10 Successfully completed the lab assignment
8 Made a good attempt to complete the lab assignment
5 Attended the lab, but made little or no effort to complete the assignment
0 Did not attend the lab

If you made a good attempt to complete a lab assignment within the alloted time, but were unable to finish it, you may complete the assignment on your own and show it to your TA to have the grade changed from an 8 to a 9. This must be done within one week of the original lab date.

To request that a lab grade be changed from an 8 to a 9, you must show the completed assignment to your TA before your next lab session. For the final lab of the semester, you must show the completed lab to your TA no later than the last day of classes.

If you did not attempt the lab originally, you cannot get any credit from doing the lab on your own. Labs cannot be made up. The lowest two lab grades will be dropped. This should account for most normal excused absences: illness, family trips, job interviews, athletic events, etc. Requests to be excused from a lab will be considered after the third absence.

In case a lab is cancelled, for example, due to UMBC closure, everyone gets a 10 for that lab. The lab would not be repeated.

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