Fall 2015 UMBC CMSC202 Computer Science II, Section 6

Projects and Academic Conduct

In this class, all programming projects must be completed by your own individual effort. You should never have a copy of someone else's project (in part or in whole) either on paper or electronically under any circumstance. Also, you should never give a copy of your project, either on paper or electronically, to another student. This also means that you cannot "work" on the project together. Cases of academic dishonesty will be dealt with severely.

Thus, you should:

If you need help with your project, see your instructor or a TA. TA office hours are pooled for this course. You may see any TA for CMSC&mbsp;202, not just the TA for your discussion section.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of Academic Integrity violations:

The following behaviors are not Academic Integrity violations and are, in fact, encouraged:

Your project will be checked for similarities with all other student projects. If your project is found to be "substantially similar" to that of another student, or if it is determined that someone else wrote your project for you, then at a minimum you and the other student (if applicable) will receive a grade of zero for that project and a 10 point deduction in your semester average. Furthermore, all parties concerned will have their prior projects re-checked for cheating. Any second incident will result in a grade of 'F' for the semester. Also, checking for cheating may occur at any time during the semester. Therefore, if you cheated on Project 1, you may be confronted about that at any time; receiving a grade for a project does not mean you are "in the clear".

All incidents of academic misconduct will be reported to the University's Academic Conduct Committee for further action, which may include, but is not limited to, academic suspension or dismissal from the university.

The full text of the Student Academic Conduct Policy is available from the UMBC Policies site.

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