UMBC CMSC201, Computer Science I, Spring 1994 Sections 0101, 0102 and Honors

Lecture Synopses

Stern Warning

These notes are intended to supplement your own lecture notes. They are not a substitute for attending class. Heck, they are not even a substitute for borrowing your friends' notes. They do, however, contain all the C programs that were displayed on the overhead transparencies, so you don't have to jot them down like mad.

Also, since you must know: Yes, we do make fun of you behind your back when you miss lecture.

Click on the dates below to get a description of that day's lecture.

Tu 2/1 Introduction and overview
Th 2/3 Some simple C programs

Tu 2/8 Variable and data types
Th 2/10 Expressions and some simple loops

Tu 2/15 Building a bigger program
Th 2/17 Boolean data, if and switch

Tu 2/22 while, for loops
Th 2/24 nested loops and Quiz 1

Tu 3/1 Functions
Th 3/3 Tracing function calls

Tu 3/8 Stepwise Refinement
Th 3/10 Algorithms and Efficiency

Spring Break

Tu 3/22 Libraries and interfaces
Th 3/24 Midterm Exam

Tu 3/29 The graphics library
Th 3/31 The random number library

Tu 4/5 Characters and Strings
Th 4/7 Modular Development

Tu 4/12 Arrays and C and Quiz 2
Th 4/14 More on arrays

Tu 4/19 Sorting and Searching
Th 4/21 Pointers and addresses

Tu 4/26 Pointers vs arrays vs strings
Th 4/28 Memory Allocation

Tu 5/3 Records and C and Quiz 3
Th 5/5 Records, pointers and memory (15.5)

Tu 5/10 File I/O
Th 5/12 Recursion

Th 5/19 Final exam

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