Section 0101, 0102, 0103 and Honors, Fall 1995

Course Description

Instructor: Prof. Richard Chang
Office: Engineering & Computer Science Building, Room 225E
Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday, 1:30pm 2:30pm or by appointment
Telephone: 455-3093 (office), 455-3500 (department office)

Note: The teaching assistants' office hours will be announced at a later date.

Time and Place: Tuesday & Thursday 10:00am 11:15am, Lecture Hall V.

Textbook: The Art and Science of C , by Eric S. Roberts, Addison-Wesley publishers.

Prerequisites: The only formal prerequisite for this class is Math 150, Precalculus Mathematics. However, this course is designed for Computer Science Majors and will emphasize programming skills.

Objectives. The objectives of this course are:


There will be 5 projects worth 7 points each for a total of 35 points; 3 quizzes worth 4 points each for a total of 12 points; a midterm exam and a final exam worth 25 points each. Attendance at lectures will count for 3 points. Attendance will be taken at 3 unannounced and randomly chosen lectures. There will be no make-ups for missed lectures. Your final letter grade may be curved above the standard formula:

0 <= F < 60, 60 <= D < 70, 70 <= C < 80, 80 <= B < 90, 90 <= A <= 100

Under no circumstances will the grades be curved downward. Your grade is given for timely work done during the semester; incomplete grades will only be given for medical illness or other such dire circumstances.

Lectures and Readings

You are expected to attend all lectures. You are responsible for all material covered in the lecture, even if they are not in the textbook. You should keep up with the assigned readings during the semester. You are responsible for the material in the readings, even if they are not covered during lecture. In short, you are responsible for everything; and yes, everything is on the exam.


The exams and quizzes will be closed-book and closed-notes. The date for the midterm exam is Tuesday, October 17. The final exam will cover the material from the entire course. The final exam will be on Thursday, December 14, from 10:30am to 12:30pm. The quizzes are on September 26, November 16 and December 7. (See syllabus.)