Section 0101, 0102, 0103 and Honors, Fall 1995

Copying the "201" commands

To copy the commands for our class:

  1. Log into your UNIX account.

  2. Make a bin directory. Type at the shell prompt:
           mkdir bin
    If you already have a bin directory, UNIX will give you an error message. That's OK, just ignore it.

  3. Now, issue the following copy commands.
           cp ~chang/pub/cs201/cc201 ~/bin/
           cp ~chang/pub/cs201/lynx201 ~/bin/
           cp ~chang/pub/cs201/netscape201 ~/bin/
           cp ~chang/pub/cs201/mail2chang ~/bin/
    Make sure that you type in the file names exactly. If UNIX gives you a "file not found" error, it is because you did not type in the filename correctly.

  4. Finally, type in the command:
    This tells UNIX to take note of the new commands.

  5. You should be all set. If you are still having trouble, get a human being (consultant, help center tutor, etc.) to look at your account.

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