UMBC CMSC201, Computer Science I, Fall 1994 Section 0101, 0102 and Honors

Project 5 Comments


The example in the handout said that the number 93 appears four times. It only appears twice. This is a typo. The on-line version has been corrected. Please make the correction in your copy of the hand out.

New submit201 Program:

If the mail daemon is sending you mail when you submit your project (for example, complaining about names being too long or unknown users), try copying the new submit201 program:

   % cp ~chang/pub/cs201/submit201 ~/bin
The old submit201 program did get the project to me, but there is a small bug that caused the mailer daemon to try to mail the project to the user who's name looks like the first line of your program.

What to turn in:

This seems to be a popular question. Your main program should print out the value that appeared most often and least often. For example, if 93 appeared 10 times and that is more than any other number appeared, then it should print out 93.

Make up test input that challenges your program. For example, a test where the number that appears most often is the first number, a test where the user enters -1 on the first line, or one where the user enters lots of numbers.

When you submit your program make sure the typescript includes the input and the output of all the test cases. If you kept the input in a file, then use cat to display the message.

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