Homework 1: Remote Login

Due: Tuesday 2/7 by 11:59pm


To make sure that every student can log into the GL system remotely.

The Assignment

  1. Determine which computer you will use to do your CMSC104 homework. This could be:

    • A computer in one of UMBC's labs. Lab locations are listed here:
      Find such a computer, boot it into Linux and log in. Launch the Terminal application as you did in class.

    • Your own computer running Mac OS X. Launch the Terminal application in /Applications/Utilities and log into the GL system using the command:

      ssh -l username gl.umbc.edu

      where username is your UMBC username.

    • Your own computer running Microsoft Windows. Download and install Tera Term from UMBC's DOIT, if you haven't done so already:
      After Tera Term has been installed, go to the Start menu, select "All Programs" then "UMBC - Tera Term Pro SSH". There should be an item named "GL" in the submenu. Select "GL" and log in.

  2. Change directory to the hw01 directory you created in class for Classwork 1. If you did not do this in class, follow the directions and create one now.

  3. Copy a file with some survey questions into your curent directory:

    cp /afs/umbc.edu/users/c/h/chang/pub/cmsc104/survey.txt .

    Don't forget the final '.' in the Unix command. It means that the survey.txt file should be copied into the current directory (which should be your hw01 directory).

  4. Use nano to edit the survey.txt file and answer the 10 survey questions in the file. (Be sure to scroll down in nano to see all 10 questions.)

  5. Save the file in nano and exit.

  6. Submit your edited file:

    submit cs104_chang hw01 survey.txt

Be sure to logout completely when you have finished!