Classwork 25: string replacement


Practice writing a function with a string parameter.

The Assignment

Write a program that takes a string entered by the user and replaces each occurence of a vowel with the @ symbol.

Use cw25.c as the starting point of the program. The main function is already provided and will read in the input from the user. Your assignment is to implement the function at_vowel.

The function at_vowel() has a single string parameter str. The at_vowel() function must replace each occurence of a vowel with the @ symbol.

A sample run of your program might look like:

PT[106]% ./a.out
Enter string: Hello World
Mangled string: H@ll@ W@rld



Use the script command to record several sample runs of your program. Then, submit your program and sample run as usual:

submit cs104_chang cw25 cw25.c
submit cs104_chang cw25 typescript