Blazej Bulka - Curriculum Vitae (Professional Version)
Blazej Bulka
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, MD 21250

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Blazej Bulka

Education history

Aug 2003 - present Ph.D. Student (Computer Science). University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.
Jul 2002 - Jul 2003 Ph.D. Student (Computer Science). Adam Mickiewicz University (Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza; Poznan, Poland), Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.
Oct 1997 - Jun 2002 M.Sc. Student (Computer Science). Adam Mickiewicz University (Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza; Poznan, Poland), Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Earned M.Sc. Degree (magister) in Computer Science in May 2002.

M.Sc. Thesis Title: Application of Mobile Agent Software in Information Management (title in Polish: Zastosowania software'u o charakterze mobilnych agentow programowych w zarzadzaniu informacja).

Sep 1993 - Jun 1997 High School Student (general profile with extended biology and chemistry). Adam Mickiewicz VIII High School in Poznan, Poland (VIII Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace w Poznaniu),

Graduated by passing the Final High School Exam (State Exam; original exam's name Matura; Subject tests in Polish, extended biology and English) in May/June 1997

Employment history

Jan 2004 - present Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in MAPLE Research Group (Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering) and Freeland Lab (Biological Sciences Department).

At Freeland Lab, involved in creation of UMBC AAIndex database (analysis and visualization of relations among amino acid properties), and evaluation of sequence alignment programs.

At MAPLE Research Group, involved in the project for Interactive Visualization Methods for Partitioning Multidimentional Spatial Data (searching for high quality and quantitatively different plans for Howard County Public School System, visualizing differences and trade-offs among the plans).
Jun 2007 - Aug 2007 Student Associate at SRI International, Artificial Intelligence Center. Involved in development of an integrated planning and scheduling system.
Aug 2003 - Dec 2003 Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. Course: CMSC202 - Computer Science II for Majors (Fall 2003 Semester): Object-Oriented Programming and design using C++
Sep 2002 - Jul 2003 Researcher in the Research Center for Information Technologies (FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik; Karlsruhe, Germany) in the research group of Database Systems as a Marie-Curie Fellowship Holder (sponsored by the European Commission). Involved in development of CONsense Project, especially in creation of software for distributed storage of knowledge.
Apr 2001 - May 2002 Programmer and designer in Edustrada sp. z o.o. (Poznan, Poland). Involved in creation (design, implementation and testing) of a web-based e-learning system (Edumatic).
Jun 2000 - Mar 2001 Programmer and designer in Wynpro Solutions sp. z o.o. (Poznan, Poland; a subsidiary of Wynpro Solutions, LLC - now known as Ameritege). Involved in maintenance of a C/C++ compiler and the kernel of one of Unix operating systems. Additionally writing internet shops (in cooperation with Seton - the partner company of Wynpro Solutions) and maintaining the code of a vortal.
Oct 1999 - May 2000 System administrator at Adam Mickiewicz University. Specialization: Unix operating systems (Digital Unix, SunOS, Linux).
Oct 1999 Programmer in a project, which involved creation of a web-based reservation system.

Known languages

  • Polish (native)
  • English (almost fluent :))
  • German (upper intermediate level)
  • Latin (basic level)
  • Russian (basic level)

Special Know-how

  • Programming languages: C/C++, Java, Perl, PHP, Prolog, Lisp, Shell (bash), awk, Assembly (IA-32)
  • Client-side web programming: HTML, applets
  • Server-side technologies: J2EE (EJB, Servlets), PHP, CGI
  • XML technologies: DOM/SAX access methods, XSLT, XML databases (Xindice and eXist)
  • Compiler tools: lex, yacc
  • Operating systems (administration): Linux, MacOS X, Solaris, Digital Unix (OSF), UTS Unix
  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design
  • Experience with various web servers: Apache, Tomcat, Resin
  • Experience with EJB containers: JBoss
  • Experience with SQL databases: PostgreSQL, mySQL
  • Experience with ontology modelling and representation: RDF(S), KAON

Membership in Professional Organizations

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