Blazej Bulka
Ph.D. Candidate (Computer Science)
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, MD 21250

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Blazej Bulka
Research Assistant

MAPLE Research Group, Department of Computer Science
(PI: Dr. Marie desJardins)

Research Area: Applying methods of Artificial Intelligence for School Redistricting

Contact information

  • MAPLE Lab: ITE339; Phone (410) 455 8894

Curriculum Vitae and Scientific Publications
Graduate Research

Graduate Advisor: Dr. Marie desJardins

Artificial Intelligence. Planning, shape of planning search spaces, and heurstics to guide the search process. Learning efficient planning techniques and fact representations. Influence of trust and dishonesty on social structures in multi-agent systems and robustness of such structures. Dynamic group creation and task negotiation in multi-agent societies. Distributed planning and coordination. Bioinformatics (sequence alignment).

Spring 2008 All courses attended
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