Welcome! I started working at Velodyne LiDAR since May 2017. I completed my PhD in Computer Engineering in Energy Efficient High Performance Computing Lab at Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department University of Maryland Baltimore County, under the supervision of Professor Tinoosh Mohsenin.

My research goal is to enhance future computing systems by implementing efficient hardware, and algorithmic optimizations for hardware performance. I am particularly interested in machine learning acceleration to build hardware systems that are resource efficient, cognitive and trustworthy. My current research focuses on data reduction and encryption using compressive sensing, hardware Trojan detection using machine learning techniques, and many-core architecture enhancements for big data processing and machine learning. My work is currently targeted for improving wide variety of applications including image processing, biomedical and radar signal processing. I am interested in applying my research experience to embedded, cyber-physical and IoT applications. Please find my research highlights here.

Find my CV here, LinkedIn profile here.

EEHPC Lab,CSEE-UMBC, Amey Kulkarni,Tinoosh Mohsenin