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==Workstations in CSEE Department==
==Workstations in CSEE Department==
* [[CSEE Computer Installation]]
* [[CSEE Computer Installation]] - add systems to labs or offices
* [[Supported Hardware]]
* [[Supported Hardware]] - ensure hardware compatibility
* [[Supported Operating Systems]]
* [[Supported Operating Systems]] - the piece between software and hardware

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*** Please read the introduction to CSEE computing first. ***

Register to get a CSEE computer account.
Support Portal - manage tickets, password, groups, and contact information
Using UNIX at UMBC

Mail Configuration and Usage

Web Development

  • Web Introduction - personal Web page with every CSEE account
  • CGI - original method to provide dynamic content
  • PHP - modern method to provide dynamic content

Login services

Workstations in CSEE Department


Miscellaneous Documentation


Other UMBC IT Sites