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Firefox - Industry standard Web Browser



Access from Command Line

  • Type the command

Access from Java Desktop System

  • Right-click on the GNOME panel (close enough windows if there is empty space in your panel).
  • Highlight the "Add to Panel" menu item and click "Launcher..." in the sub-menu.
  • For the Name, type in: Firefox
  • For the Generic name, type in: Firefox
  • For the Command, type in: /usr/bin/firefox
  • Click the Icon squre (it will say No Icon by default)
  • In the new icon selection window, type: /usr/lib/firefox/icons/mozicon128.png
  • Click the OK button. The icon selection window will close.
  • Click the OK button. The Create Launcher window will close.
  • Adjust the location of the Firefox icon as needed in your GNOME panel by dragging and dropping.


  • Run Firefox from the graphical menu or /opt/firefox/firefox from the command line