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Primary CSEE mailing lists

These CSEE mailing list are for departmental-use only. You must be a registered user to be able to post to these lists. If the list heirarchy is thought of as a tree, subscribers are members of the leaf nodes.

  • CSEE : All CSEE faculty, staff, grauated students and undergraduate students
    • CSEE-FACULTY : All CSEE faculty
      • CSEE-FACULTY-TT : Tenured or tenure-track faculty
      • CSEE-FACULTY-LECTURER : Full time lecturers and instructors
      • CSEE-FACULTY-PT : Part-time teaching faculty and instructors
      • CSEE-FACULTY-RESEARCH : Research faculty
      • CSEE-FACULTY-ADJUNCT : Adjunct faculty
    • CSEE-STAFF : All CSEE staff
    • CSEE-STUDENT : All CSEE students
      • CSEE-UNDERGRAD : All CSEE undergraduates
        • CSEE-UNDERGRAD-CS : Undergraduates majoring in Computer Science
        • CSEE-UNDERGRAD-CE : Undergraduates majoring in Computer Engineering
      • CSEE-GRAD : All CSEE graduate students
        • CSEE-GRAD-CS : CSEE graduate students in the CS program
        • CSEE-GRAD-CE : CSEE graduate students in the CE program
        • CSEE-GRAD-EE : CSEE graduate students in the EE program