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Release 8.1.5






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The SQL*Plus (pronounced "sequel plus") User's Guide and Reference introduces the SQL*Plus program and its uses. It also provides a detailed description of each SQL*Plus command.


This Guide addresses business and technical professionals who have a basic understanding of the SQL database language. If you do not have any familiarity with this database tool, you should refer to the Oracle8i SQL Reference. If you plan to use the PL/SQL database language in conjunction with SQL*Plus, refer to the PL/SQL User's Guide and Reference for information on using PL/SQL.

How to Use this Guide

Refer to the following tables for a list of topics covered by this Guide, a description of each topic, and the number of the chapter that covers the topic.

PART I, Understanding SQL*Plus

Topic  Description  Chapter Number 


Gives an overview of SQL*Plus, instructions on using this Guide, and information on what you need to run SQL*Plus. 


Learning SQL*Plus Basics 

Explains how to start SQL*Plus and enter and execute commands. You learn by following step-by-step examples using sample tables. 


Manipulating Commands 

Also through examples, helps you learn to edit commands, save them for later use, and write interactive commands. 


Formatting Query Results 

Explains how you can format columns, clarify your report with spacing and summary lines, define page dimensions and titles, and store and print query results. Also uses step-by-step examples. 


Database Administration 

This chapter is intended for use by DBAs, and covers the basic database administration features in SQL*Plus. 


Accessing Databases 

Tells you how to connect to default and remote databases, and how to copy data between databases and between tables on the same database.  


PART II, Reference

Topic  Description  Chapter Number 

Starting SQL*Plus and Getting Help 

Explains how to access SQL*Plus from the operating system prompt, and how to access online help. 


Command Reference 

Gives you a SQL*Plus command summary and detailed descriptions of each SQL*Plus command in alphabetical order. 


COPY Command Messages and Codes 

Lists copy command error messages, their causes, and appropriate actions for error recovery. 

Appendix A 

Release 8.1.5 Enhancements 

Describes enhancements to SQL*Plus in release 8.1.5. 

Appendix B 

SQL*Plus Limits 

Lists the maximum values for elements of SQL*Plus. 

Appendix C 

SQL Command List 

Provides a list of major SQL commands and clauses. 

Appendix D 


Explains how to restrict access to certain SQL*Plus and SQL commands. 

Appendix E 

SQL*Plus Commands from Earlier Releases 

Provides information on SQL*Plus commands from earlier releases. 

Appendix F 


Defines technical terms associated with Oracle and SQL*Plus. 


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