Oracle8i JDBC Developer's Guide and Reference
Release 8.1.5






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JDBC Error Messages

This appendix lists the error messages that the Oracle JDBC drivers can return.

"Cause" and "Action" information for each message will be provided in a later release.

byte array not long enough

can only describe a query

cannot do new defines until the current result set is closed

cannot set row prefetch to zero

char array not long enough

character set not supported

closed connection

closed LOB

closed resultset

closed statement

cursor already initialized

error in defines.isNull ()

error in type descriptor parse

exception in OracleNumber

exhausted resultset

fail to construct descriptor

fail to convert between UTF8 and UCS2

fail to convert to internal representation

inconsistent Java and SQL object types

Internal error: attempt to access bind values beyond the batch value

Internal error: data array not allocated

Internal error: invalid index for data access

Internal error: invalid NLS Conversion ratio

invalid batch value

invalid character encountered in

invalid column name

invalid column type

invalid cursor

invalid dynamic column

invalid row prefetch

invalid stream maximum size

malformed SQL92 string at position

missing defines

missing defines at index

missing descriptor

missing IN or OUT parameter at index:

no data read

no such element in vector

non supported character set

non-supported SQL92 token at position

numeric overflow

only one RPA message is expected

only one RXH message is expected

parameter type conflict

protocol violation

received more RXDs than expected

REF cursor is invalid was not called

setAutoClose: only support auto close mode on

setReadOnly: read-only connections not supported

setTransactionIsolation: only supports TRANSACTION_READ_UNCOMMITTED

statement timed out

statement was cancelled

stream has already been closed

sub protocol must be specified in connection URL

the LOB locator is not valid

the size is not valid

This API cannot be be used for non-UDT types

this ref is not valid

undefined type

unsupported column type

unsupported feature


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