Oracle8 Error Messages
Release 8.0




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00250-00300: PCF FIPS Messages

This section contains messages that are generated when you specify the precompiler command-line option FIPS=YES and use an Oracle extension to the ANSI/ISO embedded SQL standard. If you wish your code to comply with the standard, do not use the Oracle extension described in the message.

PCF-00251: SQLCODE is a deprecated feature

PCF-00252: use of the C preprocessor within SQL

PCF-00253: use of the AT clause

PCF-00254: use of the FOR clause

PCF-00255: use of the CONNECT statement

PCF-00256: SQLCODE returns non-standard values

PCF-00257: keyword WORK required after COMMIT

PCF-00258: keyword WORK required after ROLLBACK

PCF-00259: use of TO SAVEPOINT clause

PCF-00260: use of RELEASE clause

PCF-00261: use of dynamic SQL

PCF-00262: use of PL/SQL

PCF-00263: use of SQLWARN within WHENEVER clause

PCF-00264: use of NOTFOUND within WHENEVER clause

PCF-00265: use of COMMENT clause with COMMIT

PCF-00266: use of STOP within WHENEVER clause

PCF-00267: use of FORCE TRANSACTION clause

PCF-00268: use of DO within WHENEVER clause

PCF-00269: use of DECLARE TABLE statement

PCF-00270: use of DECLARE DATABASE statement

PCF-00271: use of EXEC SQL INCLUDE

PCF-00272: use of datatype equivalencing

PCF-00273: use of SQL FORMS statement

PCF-00274: use of EXEC ORACLE statement

PCF-00275: invalid datatype

PCF-00276: use of DROP TABLE statement

PCF-00277: use of non-ANSI function

PCF-00278: use of the ALLOCATE statement

PCF-00279: use of CREATE to build PL/SQL objects

PCF-00280: use of OBJECT Navigational Interface


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