Semantic Web and Policy Workshop

4th International Semantic Web Conference
7 November 2005, Galway, Ireland



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The Semantic Web and Policy Workshop (SWPS) is aimed at two different areas of research - (i) policy-based frameworks for the semantic web for security, privacy, trust, information filtering, accountability, etc. and (ii) the applicability of semantic web technologies in policy frameworks for other application domains such as grid computing, networking, storage systems, and describing norms for multiagent systems. This workshop would like to bring together not only researchers and developers but also users of policy systems in both these areas in an attempt to understand the scope of semantic web based policy frameworks and their usefulness.

Scope/Topics of Interest

  • Policy specification, implementation, and enforcement
  • Static and dynamic conflict resolution
  • Dynamic policy modification
  • Formal models for policy verification
  • Applicability of XML, RDF and OWL for policy specification
  • Using SW rule languages (e.g RuleML, SWRL, N3) for policies
  • Policies for access control, privacy, and accountability
  • Obligation management
  • Business contracts and rules
  • Decidability and tractability issues
  • Policy engineering and user-oriented policy authoring systems
  • Case studies for policy management using semantic web technologies
    • website access
    • network routing
    • storage management
    • grid computing
    • pervasive computing
    • information filtering
    • digital rights management
    • collaboration


The Semantic Web and Policy Workshop (SWPW) will be held as part of ISWC2005 in Galway, Ireland.

Submitted papers

We sought two kinds of papers: research papers that report on the results of original research and short papers that articulate a position, describe an application or demonstrate a working language or system. Both accepted research papers and short papers will be included in the workshop proceedings.


SWPW will be a full day workshop consisting of an invited talk, presentations of submitted papers, and a panel as well. See the program program page for details.