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KQML Software

Note: many of these links are stale. If you are interested in the UMBC KAPI software (KQML interfaces in C and Tcl/Tk) try these files: linux version, service pack 1. We no longer support this. See Jackal for a supported version in Java.

JavaAgent Template (Stanford)

This system is no longer supported and has been superceded by JAT-lite (see below). The Java Agent Template (JAT) was developed by Rob Frost at both the Center for Design Research and Enterprise Integration Technologies, Inc. The JAT provides basic agent functionality packaged as a Java(tm) application. JAT agents can be executed as either applications or as applets via the appletviewer. Information exchange includes KQML messages, Java code and arbitrary files.

JATLite (Stanford)

JATLite provides templates written in Java classes for constructing agents. The classes are provided in layers, to be used as desired by the developer. A top-level KQML layer is provided. JATLite, unlike its ancestor JAT, makes no commitment to any special internal agent architecture. JATLite is not a mobile agent platform, but does provide a good infrastructure by which agents can pass messages, whether they are mobile or not. In particular, JATLite provides an Agent Message Router (AMR) as a single connection point for all agents that saves all messages until explicitly deleted by the receiving agents.

KQML API (Lockheed/UMBC)

Lockheed/UMBC KQML API (Loral/UMBC) Lisp, C

KATS (UMBC/Lockheed)

KATS -- KQML Agent Technology Software (Loral/UMBC) Lisp, C

Jackal (UMBC)

Jackal Homepage
Mirrored Here

A Java implementation of KQML, and so much more...


TKQML is an integration of KQML into Tcl/Tk.

MAGENTA (Stanford)

MAGENTA (Stanford logic group) C++

LogicWare (Crystaliz)

LogicWare (Crystaliz Inc.) (KQML+Scheme). 10/20/95

KAPI (Lockheed/EIT/Stanford)

Lockheed/EIT/Stanford API
The KAPI from the SHADE project is now available for first beta test. This software supports the passing of KQML messages over the Internet, transparently operating over TCP/IP using KQML string syntax, over MIME multimedia mail (gets around most firewalls), and HTTP (so your agents can send/receive "KQML" to/from World-Wide-Web browsers and servers).

NOTE: Version 2.6 of KAPI can be ftp'ed from CDR.STANFORD.EDU in the pub/JATLite directory as kapi.2.6.d.tar.Z. An update patch is also available as kapi-update.tar.gz


KAPICLIPS is a set of external commands for the CLIPS expert system shell implementing the KQML API (KAPI).

Toronto KQML API (Tornto)

A user's guide for a KQML API developed by Chris Beck at the University of Toronto, Industrial Engineering Department, Enterprise Integration Laboratory.

KIF components

See the KIF page for information on KIF software components [an error occurred while processing this directive]