2002 CADIP Research Symposium


Thursday 10/25 - Friday 10/26

Directions to South Campus (word)

The proposed agenda


cover page

Preface (postscript) (pdf)


R. Scott Cost, "Carrot II Collaborative Agent-based Routing and Retrieval of Text, Version 2" (ppt)
Srikanth Kallurkar, "Results Fusion in Heterogeneous Information Sources " (ppt)
Yongmei Shi, "Metadata in Carrot II" (ppt)
Hemali Majithia, "Query Caching in Agent-based Distributed Information Retrieval" (ppt)

Jerry Stach and Eun Kyo Park, "CADIP 2002 Program", (ppt)

Ethan Munson

Chakravarthi S Velvadapu, Govind R Maddi, Ratnakar R Krishnama, James Gil De Lamadrid, and Sadanand Srivastava, "Updating methods and relations among concepts in DOE" (ppt)

Jeffery Undercoffer

Penny Rheingans, "Document Visualization at UMBC" (ppt)


R. Scott Cost, Srikanth Kallurkar, Hemali Majithia, Charles Nicholas, Yongmei Shi, "Integrating Distributed Information Sources with CARROT II" (pdf)
(This paper appeared in the proceedings of the Workshop on Cooperative Information Agents, Madrid, published by Springer-Verlag)

Paper from UMKC

Paper from UWM

Paper from Bowie

Jeffery Undercoffer, Sasikanth Avancha, Anupam Joshi, and John Pinkston, Security for Sensor Networks (pdf)

Jeffery Undercoffer and John Pinkston, Modeling Computer Attacks: A Target-Centric Ontology for Intrusion Detection (pdf)

Penny Rheingans and Marie desJardins, Assessing Projection Quality for High-dimensional Information Visualization (pdf)

Inderjit Dhillon, Jacob Kogan and Charles Nicholas, Feature Selection and Document Clustering (postscript) (pdf)
(This paper will appear in an upcoming volume from Springer-Verlag, edited by Mike Berry)