Developing Palmtop Systems

Fall 2000


Time Mon & Wed  3:30pm-4:45pm Palm picture
Location SS 005
Instructor Anupam Joshi
Office Hours By appointment
TA Vlad Korolev
TA hours By Appointment
TA office ECS 225I
Prerequisites CMSC341 CMSC211
Text No official textbook


Course Information

This is a project oriented course devoted to learning about system development issues for small mobile computing devices such as the PalmPilot. The goal is to introduce the basics of the undelying hardware and OS issues, and give students first hand experience building novel applications using existing development tools. We will also explore research issues raised by these kinds of systems, including power management, HCI issues, mobile computing, and wireless networking. The projects may be done by individuals or small groups. Students will be required to do presentations in class including project proposal, project design, and relevant papers in the mobile computing literature. The grades will be based on the project and presentations. We will also invite outside exprets from the industry to give lectures to students.

Instructor's permission is required for enrolling into this course. If you are interested, see Dr. Anupam Joshi. (Please bring a copy of your transcript) You can also contact him by email ( ) and attach a copy of your transcript.

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