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8051 Development Board, Rev 4

The 8051 development board provides an easy-to-use and low-cost way to develop your 8051 based microcontroller projects, without purchasing any other special equipment, such as IC programmers or emulators. All required software is available as a free download, including a C compiler!

Rev 4 Circuit Board Illustration



LCD Display Port

The 8051 development board's LCD port provides the 14 signals needed for standard character based LCD modules. A 16x2 display is available from PJRC:

Optional Display

This is a backlight display with transmissive LCD. In bright lighting (as this photo) the characters appear as highly readable green against a dark blue background. In darkness, the characters are bright green against the darker background (which does pass a small amount of the backlight, yet still remains much darker than the displayed characters). Like all character modules, eight custom (graphic) characters may be downloaded to the display, in addition to the build-in character font.

Board Photo

Revision 4 Photo

A larger copy of this photo (110k) is available for your viewing pleasure.

Demo Programs Source Code

There four programs are loaded into the flash rom memory on every assembled board as part of the testing done by PJRC. These assembly language files contain ".org" directives which place the code in Flash ROM, from F000 to F7FF. When you modify these programs, you will need to erase the originals in the Flash ROM before downloading, or change them to be built into RAM or a different location in the Flash ROM. See the memory map page for details.

This is the complete monitor code provided on the board:

8051 Development System Circuit Board, Rev 4, Paul Stoffregen
Last updated: November 28, 2003
Status: finished
Suggestions, comments, criticisms: <paul@pjrc.com>