CMSC211 Assembly Language




Gary Burt


ECS 202B

Office Hours:



410-455-3928 (Do not leave a message!!!)


burt@cs.umbc.edu (Email is preferred.)

Class Time and Place

TTh 2:30 - 3:45 pm


Assembly Language For the IBM PC Family, 3rd Edition, William B. Jones, 2001, Scott/Jones, Inc
errata is available at The author's webpage

Course Homepage

This course has a homepage where assignments and grades will be posted.ge where assignments and grades will be posted. Many of the handouts will also be available off of the homepage.

The URL is: http://www.cs.umbc.edu/courses/undergraduate/CMSC211/fall01/Burt


a number unannounced quizzes

5 points each

a number programming projects

100 points each

a number of tests

100 points each

a number of homework exercises

50 points each

Written report

100 points


200 points

final exam worth

400 points

The total number of points possible is based on what is assigned (which changes each semester). Your scores on each item is added up and converted to a percentage of what is possible. Your final letter grade is based on the standard formula:

Your grade is based on timely work accomplished during the semester; incomplete grades will only be given for medical illness or othere given for medical illness or other such dire circumstances.

I grade the Midterm, Final and written reports. Everything else is graded by a grader. Grading for the projects will be done on the basis that you must precisely follow instructions on projects and exams. If it says you are to show sixteen bits and you only provide eight, it is wrong. You must comment the programs as required or you will lose points.

Project Submission and Grading

The critical skills cannot be learned simply by attending the class. You should budget enough time to work on the projects as well. Late projects will be accepted with a ten percent (10%) per day late penalty, up to five days late. However, you are better off with a late project than not turning in one at all. The penalty for not turning in a project is 100 points (that makes it worth -100!)

You will be turning in your projects electronically. Details will be announced in class before you need to submit projects.

Project Policy

All projects must be completed by your own individual effort. You must never have a copy of someone else's project either on paper or electronically under any circumstance. Also, you should never give a copy of your project, either on paper or electronically, to another student. This also means that you cannot "work" on the project together. Cases of academic dishonesty will be dealt with severely.

If your project is turned in by someone else, both you and the person copying your project will receive a 0 for that project. This includes "substantially similar" projects. Furthermore, all parties concerned will have their prior projects checked for cheating. So, if you cheat on Project 4, you can lose all the points from Projects 1 through 3 as well, even though you may have done all the work and just "let" other people copy from you.


All communications with the instructor and the grader must have your name and the last four of your Social Security Number. Too many of you have email that shows up with a fancy alias and we can't figure out who "Joe Snuffy" is! This includes all email, projects, homework, written reports, etc. Except for in-class work, all material must be typed (or printed on the computer). Too many of you have handwriting that would qualify you to be a medical doctor!

Lectures and Readings


Written Report

The is one written report required for this class, due at the beginning of class when the midterm exam is given. For this report, you will locate an article (published on hard-copy or electronically) on some aspect of assembly language programming. Your report will summarize the article and you will present your analysis of the article. The report must be printed on the computer, using a font of 12 points. It will be two full pages plus an additional title page which provides your name, SSAN, title of the article and section number. You will email the report to me and the report will be a Microsoft Word document.

Out-of-Class Help

You will have some difficulties in this class and will need some extra help. This is normal. You can come to me for this help. The sooner you come to me for help, the easier it is for you to catch up. Don't wait until you are totally and hopelessly lost. Work the exercises in the book, even when it is not homework, because you can not learn this material only by reading it. You must write programs to learn all these concepts. Don't waste this opportunity.

The grader's primary responsibility in this course is to grade your work, not to help with questions. If you have a question about your grade, first communication with the grader. If there is still a problem, come see me. I arbitrate all disagreements.

In the past, I have had students who would visit me as much as four times a week for assistance. Then again, I have had former students come back and visit for assistance in other courses. Don't be afraid of upsetting me because you ask for help too much. I want to see you bet the best possible grade you are capable of and earn.