UMBC MASM Problems

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>People are having problems using MASM611 in the lab, including
>me.  There is a item in the Start Menu MASM611, which is a menu
>for MASM_Shell and MASM_PWB.  Neither one seems to work.
>(I did get MASM_Shell running one this semester, but the other
>three times I could not.)
>The system also gets real nasty to me because it says that I am
>logged into too many systems, but I am only on the one system
>(at least on gl, I have a computer on the cs system, but that
>should not affect anything (I think!!!))
>    Gary
>Gary L. Burt
>CS/EE Dept
There is a problem with the shortcuts for MASM 611 on the lab
images. I am currently fixing this problem on the lab images. Once
they are re-imaged, it will be working. Meanwhile, students can
follow this alternative way of compiling the projects, which will

Before compiling the project do this:

1) Copy and util.lib(on the disk that    came with the
into the
   BIN directory under masm611(i.e. only if you are    using or
including the files in  your program).

2) copy link.exe from BINR into BIN

3) Move your filename.asm(project file to be     compiled) into the

Now to compile it:

Open up a command shell or a DOS window,
Go to the BIN directory under MASM611(cd progra~1/mams611/bin)

Type in:

1)masm filename.asm(the file you want to compile,    if there are no
  you should get a .obj file)

2)link filename.obj (hit the enter key 4 times, untill   you come to
the prompt
  again), now you should have an executable.

3)Now at the prompt type in the name of the
and the  project     should run as you desired.