• 05/13-- Extra notes on assignment operators are available here.`
  • 05/11-- Exam 3 Sample Questions have been released.
  • 04/29-- Project 3 has been released.
  • 04/19-- Exam 2 Sample Questions have been released.
  • 04/14-- Project 2 has been released.
  • 04/06-- Project 1 has been released.
  • 03/13-- Exam 1 Sample Questions have been released.
    A high-level outline of topics covered is available here.
  • 03/10
    • Exam 1 has been moved to Thursday, 3/17.
    • The due date has been changed for Homework 3, Part 1, to Friday 3/18.
    • HW3/P1: In Step 8.1, the handout refers to a "template in Lecture 6"--this is referring to the material on slide #12. Also, the last slide contains a URL ( that has examples of all of the tags mentioned in the lecture. Load the page into a browser, then go to the requisite menu command to examine the source (in Firefox: View->Page Source).
    • The web site that allows you to do quick experiments with HTML is at
  • 02/24-- Due date for HW2 changed from 3/1(Tu) to 3/3(Th).
  • 02/22-- HW 2 is now out.
  • 02/10--The 'submit' system is now up. Use the instructions at the end of the revised HW1 handout, available as a link from the "Schedule" tab of our course web page.
  • 02/08--Today is the last day to add a class or drop without a 'W'!
  • 02/03-- For those who have Macs: To open a terminal, you go to Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal. Then type the following command:
    where username is your myUMBC username. It will ask you for your password and then once you are logged in you will be in the same place you were when you logged in today during the lab.
  • 1/27-- Welcome to CMSC104!