Project 1 Due: 6 Mar

Requirements Specfication

Write a program that will as the user for the user's age. Then tell the user how old the user will be in ten years. Finally, tell the user what the age will be when it is doubled.

Name the source code file: proj1.c


Email the source file (the .c file) to the grader at

Example Output

In the following example, the program displays what is in Blue and the user types what is in Red.

What is your age:  34
In ten years, you will be 44.
Your age doubled is 68.

Program Header Comment Block

Use the following comment block at the beginning of your source code:
/* Program Header Block                              */ 
/* Filename: proj1.c                                 */ 
/* Name: Ima Student                                 */ 
/* SSAN: 6789 (could be XXX-XX-6789)                 */ 
/* Date: 6 April 1998                                */ 
/* Course/section: CMSC-104/0101                     */ 
/* Description: (Your pseudocode goes here.)         */ 
/* Notes: (As needed.)                               */ 

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