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Project Extra Credit Due: 15 May

Requirements Specfication

Write a program that will accept the monthly sales for the twelve months of a year. Declare two arrays in main, one for the sales, and one for the the names of the months. Use three additional functions:

Example Output

In the following example, the program displays what is in Blue and the user types what is in Red.

Enter the sales for January:   100498.50
Enter the sales for February:  498.50
Enter the sales for March:     99006.03
Enter the sales for April:     898.23
Enter the sales for May:       10022.34
Enter the sales for June:      25432.75
Enter the sales for July:      36498.23
Enter the sales for August:    44853.43
Enter the sales for September: 75002.99
Enter the sales for October:   44325.82
Enter the sales for November:  23375.07
Enter the sales for December:  87869.81

Highest Sales were in January:

Lowest Sales were in February

Average Sales were 12345.67:

January:  100498.50
February:    498.50
March:     99006.03
April:       898.23
May:       10022.34
June:      25432.75
July:      36498.23
August:    44853.43
September: 75002.99
October:   44325.82
November:  23375.07
December:  87869.81

Program Header Comment Block

Use the following comment block at the beginning of your source code:
;; Filename:       first.asm
;; Name:           Ima Student
;; SSAN:           6789  
;; Date:           3 October 2000
;; Course:         CMSC-211 
;; Description:    (Your psuedocode goes here)
;; Notes:          (As needed, such has how to compile)

UMBC CMSC104 CSEE | CMSC104 | Lectures