• 11/28-- Good luck on the final exam!
    Topics and sample exam questions available here.
  • 11/28-- Look at the schedule for the date/times for the final exam.
  • 11/27-- Project 3 is out--description here.
  • 11/8-- We have scheduled another Loops review session for 11/9 (Friday) from 11am to 3pm, in ITE 201B. You may also get help on other, non-loop topics, as long as it is of general interest to the other attendees. it is an open session, so drop in anytime during the duration.
  • 11/8-- Project 2 is now out--the project description is available here.
  • (Links to all assignments are also available from the class schedule page.)
  • 11/8-- Exam 2 informaton has been posted here.
  • 10/4-- Exam 1 informaton has been posted here.
  • 8/30-- Welcome to CMSC104!