• 12/8--Please note that the due date for Project 3 has now been extended to Friday, 12/10 before 11:59 PM
  • 12/8--Exam 3 sample questions can be found HERE. Good Luck!!!
  • 12/6--We will continue to meet at ECS 122/122A on Wednesday (12/8).
  • 12/5--Project 3 is due on Thursday 12/9 before 11:59 PM!
  • 12/5--We will meet at ECS 122/122A tomorrow (12/6).
  • 11/29--Project 3 released!!!
  • 11/21--Please note that the DUE date for Project 2 has been extended to Wednesday 11/24 at 11:59PM.
  • 11/17--We will meet at ECS 122/122A today.
  • 11/17--Exam 2 sample questions can be found HERE.
  • 11/9--Project 2 description can be found HERE.
  • 10/25--We will meet at ECS 122/122A this Wednesday (10/27) .
  • 10/6--We will continue working on the first webpage for next Monday (10/11). So we will still meet at ECS 122/122A next Monday.
  • 10/6--The Sample Questions for Exam 1 are now available at This PAGE . GOOD LUCK!
  • 09/21--Computer Science Help Center schedule for the semester is now available at This PAGE
  • 09/21--We will meet at ECS 122/122A for our class tomorrow (9/22).
  • 09/19--We will meet at our regular classroom SOND 108 for our class tomorrow (9/20).
  • 09/16--Updated the submission information for Homework One.
  • 09/15-- For those who have Macs: To open a terminal, you go to Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal. Then type the following command:
                       ssh -l username
    where username is your myUMBC username. The -l is the letter l, not the number 1. It will ask you for your password and then once you are logged in you will be in the same place you were when you logged in today during the lab.
  • 09/15Homework One posted. The due time will be NEXT Wednesday, 9/22 at 11:59 PM !
  • 09/01— Welcome to CMSC104!!

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