• 12/13-- Exam 3 Review List has been released.
  • 12/9-- The CS help center will close for the semester on Monday.
  • 12/9-- Project 3 deadline extended to Friday, 12/10 midnight.
  • 11/27Project 3 has been released. It is due on December 9th before 11:59 pm
  • 11/17-- Exam 2 Review list is now available.
  • 11/04-- Check out the Coding Standards and Indentation Style. CMSC 104 projects must conform to these standards. Your project grade has a component that is evaluated on your adherence to the coding standards. Look at the sample grade form here
  • 11/04-- To print a number to two decimal points precision, use the toFixed(2) function.
    			var pi=3.145926;
  • 10/27--Hw3 description has been updated to use /afs/ for setting up the project. Please use the revised one available online.
  • 10/20-- We will meet at ECS 021 on Oct 21, 2010.
  • 10/08-- Exam 1 Review Questions have been released.
  • 09/27--There was a typo in Homework 2, Question 2. Project 4 = 80/100 should say Homework 4 = 80/100. The homework 2 assignment has been updated to reflect this change.
  • 09/21 Computer Science Help Center schedule for the semester is now available at Computer Science Help Center
  • 09/20-- We will meet at our regular class SOND 108 on 21 Sep 2010.
  • 09/16-- Computer Science Help Center schedule for the week of 09/13 posted at Computer Science Help Center
  • 09/16--Updated the submission information for Homework One.
  • 09/14— Homework 1 deadline extended to Thursday 16th Sep 2010. Submission instructions will be announced in class.
  • 09/14— We will have a lab and meet at ECS 021 on 09/16
  • 09/13— We will meet at our regular class SOND 108 on 14th Sep 2010.
  • 09/08For those who have Macs: To open a terminal, you go to Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal. Then type the following command:
                       ssh -l username
    where username is your myUMBC username. The -l is the letter l, not the number 1. It will ask you for your password and then once you are logged in you will be in the same place you were when you logged in today during the lab.
  • 09/08Homework One posted.
  • 08/31— Welcome to CMSC104!!

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