• 12/15 -- I'm not sure why there is any confusion but both final exams will be held in our usual room. The day/time for each section has been on the schedule all semester.
  • 12/09 -- The last time I will hold office hours will be on Wednesday, 12/10, from 2:30-3:30. I will not be on campus on Thursday and Friday of this week. I can be available for appointments next Monday and Tuesday. Just send email to request an appointment. As always, I will be available by email for questions about the project or exam review.
  • 12/09 -- The Help Center will close for the semester at 4pm today.
  • 12/09 -- Exam 3 sample questions have been posted.
  • 11/24 -- The due date for Project 2 has been extended to Friday, November 28th, before 11:59 p.m. If you complete the project by the original due date (tonight, 11/24, before 11:59 p.m.) you will receive extra credit. If you would like to get the extra credit, you should not edit your file at all after tonight. If you make *any* changes to the file after tonight, you will not receive extra credit.
  • 11/18 -- My office hours are cancelled for Tuesday, 11/18. If you were planning to come in and would like to set up an appointment instead, send me an email.
  • 11/06 -- Exam 2 sample questions have been posted.
  • 10/31 -- For Project 1, you can use alert() statements to do error checking, even if you choose to do the extra credit. You should not use any alert()'s when displaying your final output if you are doing the extra credit, though.

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